Sometimes, you fall in love accidentally while watching porn. I mean, it’s not like real love, but god damn if Hailey Leigh isn’t basically perfect. The freckles, the beautiful smile, soft hair, shockingly beautiful eyes, perfect breasts and physique.


She is sooooo fucking perfect it is difficult, “hard” even, to not want to fap to her. Thank god she’s a porn star, and a well established one at that. She has quite an online following (including yours truly). You should check out her background on Boobpedia (a wikipedia for boobs) if you’re curious (not surprising she’s on their because hers, like the rest of her, are PERFECT! If you disagree I will fight you).


There you’ll find many links to her work and online presence. Below, I’ve collected some of my favorite photos, gifs, and videos of Hailey at work. I’d gladly be her co-worker or assistant. That pussy needs to be kept well-fucked and eaten out on the regular. Fellow fapstronauts, fapmageddon survivors, fap away!


She’s Canadian… a perfect solo girl. Click here to visit her professional website “Hailey’s Hideaway“! Check out her photos and videos!


Hailey's perfect body

Haileys perfect pierced nipples



  • Height: 5’1″
  • Weight: 99lbs
  • Age: unknown
  • Hair: light brown/varies
  • Dimensions: 4 (including time)



Sexual preferences:

  • Getting my nipples sucked
  • big dildos
  • big tits
  • sexy accents
  • tattoos/piercings